A new look for Kägi

Have you seen it yet? Kägi packaging has been given a facelift to make it even fresher and more appealing!

9116 Kägi Familienpackungen Redesign 2021

At Kägi, we all agree that it’s content that counts. And this is why our chocolatiers and patissiers work closely together to create our unique balance of real Swiss chocolate, light and crispy baked wafers and a creamy mousse filling. Having said that, these specialities also deserve the best packaging possible, so we’ve updated the design of our entire Kägi range. We’ve created a clearer structure for the various design elements, with space for tasty details about the content and the Kägi brand.

All Kägi varieties now have a uniform design, are easier to tell apart and, above all, look more appealing than ever! A new flowing stream of melted chocolate shows the fine chocolate we produce in-house at Kägi, of which we are especially proud.

The reverse has been incorporated more effectively into the design and gives an impression of what’s waiting to be enjoyed inside the pack: home-made, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, a creamy mousse filling and crispy baked wafers, all combined to create an unmistakeable Kägi delight.

Information about our brand and our history is now also included. The seven Churfirsten peaks are depicted on all packaging, showing where all Kägi products have been 100% manufactured since 1934 – at the foot of this spectacular mountain range in the Swiss Toggenburg region. We make our own chocolate in-house, choosing responsibly selected raw materials and fusing tradition, savoir faire and innovation for genuine Swiss chocolate pleasure that makes one thing clear right from the first bite: happiness is a Kägi.

21. July 2021