The Home of Kägi

Many a time, we will have mentioned that our Kägi manufactory has been based in Toggenburg, an alpine region of Switzerland, for over 80 years. But where is this? And what does it look like? We’re very happy to introduce to you the idyllic home of Kägi.

Die Sieben Churfirsten Im Toggenburg

Not only the Swiss flag on our Kägi packaging highlights the Swiss origins of our fine chocolate wafers. If you look a little closer, you’ll also see the emblem of the Toggenburg region, where all our specialties are produced: the seven peaks of the Churfirsten.

This mountain range in the east of Switzerland is known for its unmistakeably jagged seven peaks, all of which rise over 2,000 metres into the sky.

These distinctive Churfirsten mountains all have quintessentially Swiss names: Chäserrugg (2,262 m), Hinterrugg (2,306 m), Schibenstoll (2,234,) Zuestoll (2,235 m), Brisi (2,279 m), Frümsel (2,263 m) and Selun (2,205 m).

Below the seven Churfirsten peaks lies the Toggenburg, an idyllic pre-alpine landscape that attracts not only hikers and fans of winter sports, but also lovers of the N° 1 Swiss chocolate wafer.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Switzerland, why not take a trip to Toggenburg and the Churfirsten mountain range – and of course to our Kägi Shop, directly alongside the Kägi manufactory. There, you can stock up on exquisite provisions for your alpine excursions :) More about the Kägi Shop can be found here.

22. September 2016