Schoggi Schuetzt Vor Karies

Chocolate protects against caries

Did you know that the cocoa contained in chocolate is not bad for your teeth? You'll uncover the reason for this here, in the magazine.

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09. June 2016
Selfmade Chocolate

10 things you didn't know about Kägi

There are a few facts and anecdotes to do with our Kägi products that you might not be familiar with. We are going to disclose 10 of them to you here in this article.

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07. April 2016

Thank you for 200'000 Kägi fans!

We have 200'000 reasons to celebrate!!! Since this week, this is the number of fans on the Kägi Facebook page. We at Kägi are very häppy to have such wonderful fans and we just want to say THANK YOU!

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10. March 2016

Who invented chocolate?

The invention of chocolate as we know it today is a truly global tale. Many nations claim the credit for this delicious creation enjoyed all over the world. Switzerland certainly deserves it for making chocolate so irresistibly melt-in-the-mouth!

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29. January 2016
all over the globe

Pleasure all over the globe

Made in the Swiss Alpine region called Toggenburg – popular all over the world! In recent decades, the crisp Kägi specialities found their way not only to Switzerland’s neighbours, but also as far afield as the Middle East, Asia and the USA. Even Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe is said to have been a Kägi fan!

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14. August 2015
store chocolate

How to store chocolate

Chocolate is something of a prima donna: It doesn’t like too much sunshine, nor too much dampness – and takes deep offence if subjected to abrupt changes in temperature! :) In this blog article, we let you in on the secrets of how to store chocolate in order to enjoy the delicate, creamy Kägi häppiness moments as long as possible.

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31. July 2015
new design

Häppiness in a new design

At Kägi, we are all agreed: the inner qualities are what really count. But good contents also deserve an attractive packaging and with that in mind, the entire Kägi range is about to appear in a new, fresh design. In its new garb, the traditional recipe – tried and tested over many decades – tastes especially good :)

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18. May 2015
Evolution Toggi

80 years of creating häppiness

80 years have elapsed since the company's founder Otto Kägi settled with his children in the Swiss municipality of Lichtensteig in order to deliver his delicious wafers from here. His three sons, Otto, Eugene and Alfred built on this success and created the unique Kägi bar that brings moments of häppiness to countless people throughout the world – as well as here, in our factory.

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23. October 2014
Magazin Meinrad Meier

"Dispensing häppiness has been my stock in trade for 47 years"

Meinrad Meier (62) is the longest-serving employee at the Kägi factory. Sometimes he even takes his work home – his favourite is the hazelnut variety. It seems you just can't get enough häppiness.

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18. October 2014
Hanspeter Scherrer

"Our production processes have remained unchanged for 50 years – and we are proud of that"

Hanspeter Scherrer is a keeper of secrets by profession. He has worked as production manager at Kägi for 17 years. "Our secret is the chocolate", divulges the 49-year-old. Anyone can produce chocolate wafers. No company however puts as much effort and patience into the process as Kägi – and you can taste it. This is an interview about exquisite flavour – and an attempt to prize a secret from Hanspeter Scherrer.

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18. October 2014

Chiming in with Toggenburg customs

Toggenburg is the region of Switzerland where Kägi is located, and every year, in early summer, the local farmers herd their cows and goats up to the lush alpine meadows. There fragrant mountain herbs await the cattle, making their milk particularly tasty. Toggenburg is one of the few regions of Switzerland where this tradition, known as the Alpfahrt or cattle drive, is still observed to this day according to ancestral customs.

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20. June 2014