80 years of creating häppiness

80 years have elapsed since the company's founder Otto Kägi settled with his children in the Swiss municipality of Lichtensteig in order to deliver his delicious wafers from here. His three sons, Otto, Eugene and Alfred built on this success and created the unique Kägi bar that brings moments of häppiness to countless people throughout the world – as well as here, in our factory.

Evolution Toggi

In 1934 Otto Kägi senior established his bakery in the Lichtensteig-based "Hecht" business premises and thus laid the foundation stone for Kägi Söhne AG. The creation of his wafer wasn't a job, but a calling for the head of this family. He has passed this passion on to his three sons and, to date – 80 years later – also to each employee in the factory.

"I've been making people häppy for 47 years," enthuses Meinrad Meier (62), the longest-serving member of the present-day Kägi team. He joined the company at the tender age of 15, and stresses: "If I had to make the same choice today, I would do it all over again without hesitation. There is something really special about working at Kägi."

Just like Meinrad, our crispy-light delicacies have been part and parcel of innumerable people's lives for many years. Biting into a Kägi – first created in 1958 (prior to 2012 it was known internationally as Toggi) – is also a bite of heritage for many. It's no wonder, because "our production methods have essentially remained the same for 50 years, and we're proud of that" states Production Manager Hanspeter Scherrer (49). He has been tasked with ensuring the consistent formulation and quality of our products for 17 years. "Our secret lies in the chocolate", which becomes incomparably tender by being conched for 48 hours, he reveals.

Kägi skilfully combines tradition with innovation. This isn't only evident in our modern production facility in the Swiss mountains, but is also demonstrated by the fact that Kägi specifically recognises and promotes the potential of its employees: our Product Manager, Daniela Sutter (24), started as a trainee at Kägi and is now closely involved in helping to further develop the brand and its associated products – but especially also to broaden their appeal to the likes of younger connoisseurs. "I never for once thought that such a career would have been possible," she states. "Häppiness is a Kägi and a job at Kägi is a real stroke of luck."

Here at Kägi, we work lovingly to safeguard the delicious recipes and outstanding product quality, because baking a moment of häppiness into every bite is something that lies close to the heart of every one of us :)

23. October 2014