10 things you didn't know about Kägi

There are a few facts and anecdotes to do with our Kägi products that you might not be familiar with. We are going to disclose 10 of them to you here in this article.

Selfmade Chocolate

1.    100% made in Switzerland
All Kägi products are 100% made in Switzerland! And that really means all of the products, from the crispy wafers through to the chocolate, no matter where they might be sold around the world :) Here's a link that gives you a peek into the various production areas.

2.    Why is the Kägi called a "Kägi"
It's actually very simple ;) Kägi is the surname of the three ingenious Kägi brothers who invented the chocolate-coated wafer specialty.

3.    Beyond Switzerland's borders, the Kägi has long been known by the name Toggi
For a long time the product was called a "Toggi" outside of Switzerland in reference to the Swiss region in which the Kägi is made, the Toggenburg. Since then it has become known and loved everywhere as the Kägi.

4.    The Kägi is a genuine globetrotter
It doesn't matter whether you encounter Kägis on a beach in Dubai, on a sightseeing tour in Bangkok or in the Austrian mountains – they were all made in our factory in the Toggenburg. From here, Kägis are then sent out to many countries around the world. You can read more about our export history here.

5.    Kägi has made its products in the same small town in the Toggenburg for over 80 years
The Kägi factory has its origins in a small bakery in Lichtensteig. It was here that the widowed Otto Kägi Senior and his six children settled in 1934 and laid the foundations for the family business.

6.    The layers in a Kägi not only taste good, but also bind the confection together
Four wafer-sheet layers and three filling layers give the Kägi the perfect combination of crispiness and creaminess. It is thanks to this ingenious layering that the fragile wafers remain intact, but still crispy – and their subtle flavour also makes them the ideal base for the creamy filling. A coating of the finest home-made chocolate provides an additional protective covering for the delicate wafers.

8.    A strike was once staged in the Kägi factory
There has only been a single strike – that lasted a whole 20 minutes – in the history of Kägi Söhne AG. In December 1963, some employees were dissatisfied with their supervisor. It didn't even take half an hour to reach a settlement after which work continued.

7.    Our Swiss quality ensures an exquisite taste experience
Wherever possible we use Swiss raw materials for our products. Furthermore we totally and completely avoid the use of artificial colours and preservatives, as well as genetically-modified organisms.

9.    Complimentary Kägis are available on the airline SWISS
If you ever come to visit us in Switzerland, here's a small tip: our Kägis are available gratis from the self-service counter in economy class in the new Boeing 777-300ER of the Swiss airline SWISS.

10.    Horsepower is what the Kägi brothers acquired with their first independent earnings
Men and cars... The Kägi brothers had to do without lots of things in the formative years of the company. In time, as the demand for Kägi products gradually increased, each of the brothers bought a car: Alfred decided on an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Eugen opted for a Lancia and Otto purchased a Volkswagen.

07. April 2016