Meet our people

Meet our people

Many of you will be familiar with our popular Kägi Chocolate Wafer. But who are the people behind the product? Who makes, packages and markets these delicious chocolate-covered wafers? To help answer these questions, we've created a section on our website where six of our employees are presented to you at a time.

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10. June 2014
cows in Toggenburg

Swiss tradition with Kägi chocolate wafers

We’ve been making our wafer and biscuit specialities for you in Toggenburg region in the Swiss Alps since as far back as 1934. This means that we are firmly rooted in the Toggenburg, and to this day we remain faithful to our traditions. Indeed, with every bite of Kägi you’re getting a little a piece of Switzerland.

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Autor: René, 24. April 2014
Kaegi Strawberry mini

Limited Edition: Kägi Strawberry mini

Our innovation team at Kägi has been busy in recent months and created the new limited edition «Kägi Strawberry mini»!

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03. April 2014

Chocolate from our own production

An important element of Kägi Swiss Quality is our exquisite, in-house made chocolate. Every day, we produce 3 to 4 tonnes using traditional methods. It is used to coat our wafers and is responsible for the incomparable taste of the Kägi bars.

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Autor: Hanspeter, 20. March 2014
Kaegi Swiss Quality

Kägi Swiss quality – our commitment for your taste experience

Although our delicious Kägi products have always been made in line with this precept, our commitment for your taste experience has now been given a name: Kägi Swiss Quality. With these three words, we promise you the best possible quality when enjoying a Kägi product, guaranteed by the following commitments.

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05. March 2014
Toggi And Kaegi

Why did Toggi become Kägi?

The truth is: Toggi has always been Kägi :) it just had another brand name in our international markets.

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04. February 2014
Kaegi Cake

100'000 Facebook fans and the gigantic Kägi gateau

Last summer Kägi went onto Facebook and now, over a year later, we already have cause to celebrate: we have attracted over 100,000 Kägi fans since last Thursday! Thank you for also giving us your support! :)

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18. October 2013
Kaegi Mini Classic Dark

News out of the Kägi world

Delicate wafers covered by finest Swiss chocolate – this are the famous Kägi chocolate wafers made in Lichtensteig in Toggenburg, a picturesque valley in the Swiss alps. Since more than 75 years the delicious wafer specialties are made there: beginning with the toasting of chocolate beans, continuing with the conching of the chocolate and the baking of our wafers – all happens in our own production.

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03. October 2013
kaegi team

Introducing the Kägi team

At Kägi, around 100 employees are taking care of our products, the much favoured chocolate wafers. Production, marketing and sales are located in the beautiful Toggenburg valley in Switzerland as well as a few sales representatives who live around the world.

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26. September 2012